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What is MoV Management of Value?

There has probably never been greater pressure on individuals and organisations, in both public and private sectors, to do more and more with less and less. For all organisations, finding the resources to meet essential and, often, escalating demands is putting unprecedented pressure on product and service quality. There is clear need for a way to match what is delivered with the available resources, without undermining essential quality of the outputs and to be able to demonstrate clearly that the decisions taken will maximise value for money.

Value management is one of the most powerful management tools available. It has particular application where improvement of productivity, service or quality performance is vital and when time or resources are limited. Its focus on "required function" enables decision makers to channel their efforts on the issues and factors that have the most direct impact on outcomes.

MoV is an acronym of Management of Value. MoV provides a set of universally applicable guidance to enhance and maximise value for organisations. It provides a set of principles, processes and techniques to enhance and deliver best value for product or process owners and end users alike.

When running portfolios, programmes and projects (P3), the key objectives are to deliver the expected outcomes in full, resulting in the expected realisation of benefits. However, this cannot be allowed to occur at any cost. The resources needed to achieve the desired results must be used as wisely as possible.

MoV is all about maximising value in line with P3 objectives. It captures key stakeholder requirements for what products or services should do rather than what they are, then develops solution designs that optimise value.

MoV focuses on improving benefits and reducing expenditure to speed up delivery without impacting essential project scope or service quality. It is not simply about minimising costs.

Value management is essential to effective strategy and policy development and delivery via portfolios, programmes and projects, as well as service reviews or product redesigns delivered via continual improvement processes. Therefore MoV is vital in both Business as Usual and P3 environments, providing an audit trail of how optimum value has been achieved.

The following diagram shows the structure of a Value Engineering Job Plan, according to MoV:

MoV process

MoV Course Roadmap

Inspiring Projects is an Accredited Training Organisation – so you can be confident that the courses we deliver conform to the highest standards of MoV training. All of our MoV courses are based on the latest version of the syllabus.

The following diagram shows our MoV courses in relation to the goals supported by each course.

MoV Roadmap

A complete range of certification courses ...

... with a wide range of additional options

We have developed a wide range of associated short courses, workshops and executive briefings, including:

  • An executive briefing on the features and benefits of MoV, and adoption issues;
  • An awareness briefing for project management professionals who do not require certification;
  • A short course for portfolio programme and Project office staff and CoE members;
  • A workshop on setting up and running a Value Study.

These courses are delivered in-house for groups. Please contact us for more information.

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