Top 10 Reasons to train with us

A superb value proposition

10. Knowledge Is Power

You should be better equipped to create an agile enterprise after a learning opportunity than you were before. Imagine how much more successful you will be!

9. Social Scene

You will meet new people, hang out with the smartest people in the industry, and possibly make some new friends.

8. Leading Edge Info

Inspiring Projects brings together the best and the brightest to share what they know. We ask our delegates to share their experiences and insights. We've also been a pioneer in bringing best practice training in MoV value management and Better Business Cases to Australasia.

7. The full Best Management Practice suite is available

Inspiring Projects is one of the few training organisations with experience across the full suite of Best Management Practice products.

6. Experience & Insight

Theory is exciting, right, but we also have some of the world's most experienced practitioners, and we've integrated some of their real life experience into our course materials

5. Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Inspiring Projects is all about sharing. What works, what does not work, what might work tomorrow and why it doesn't work today are all on the table. Our trainers are receptive and helpful. Come with questions and leave with answers.

4. Support from Leading Organisations

Inspiring Projects is an Accredited Training Organisation, which means we had to earn the right to deliver training in the Best Management Practice suite of products. All of our training is conducted under the watchful eye of APMG, which oversees and assures our training activities. We also have a wide network of affiliates, across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, who can support you after the course.

3. Fun

Let's face it, it's nice to get out of the office now and again. But we all want to have fun while we're learning. You'll meet an exciting group of people. And the most interesting conversations happen at the very end of each day

2. Business Networking

Socializing is fun, but many of our delegates are movers and shakers in their industries. Bring business cards. Lots of them. Or just connect online through professional or social networks!

1. Professional Development

The #1 reason why people come to Inspiring Projects for training is to make themselves more valuable to their organisations, and to further their careers. Inspiring Projects offers the information, know-how, real life examples and the business network of people who can help you take your projects, organisation and career to the next level.

So, why wait?

Contact us today to get the most from your investment in projects.

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