PRAXIS Framework TM Combined Course
(course code PRXC5)


The Combined course blends our Foundation course and Practitioner seminar. Each participant is first provided with a solid Foundation in PRAXIS Framework concepts, and is then advanced to a Practitioner understanding of how to apply the PRAXIS Framework in realistic project scenarios, and adapt the PRAXIS Framework to different project and programme environments.

Course Objectives

By the end of the 3 day Foundation Course delegates should understand the key elements of the Praxis Framework:

  • The project, programme and portfolio environment;
  • Project and programme management functions;
  • Roles, processes and documentation used to manage project and programme lifecycle phases;
  • Provide careful and detailed preparation for the Foundation Exam.

The 2 day Practitioner Seminar refines the delegate's understanding on how to apply and tailor the Praxis Framework's project and programme management layers in a scenario based environment.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at current and aspiring project and programme managers. It is also relevant to other people involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios, including Sponsors, Project and Programme Board members, Business Change Managers, Team Managers, Project and Programme assurance, administrative support and operational line managers.


There are no prerequisites for the Combined course.

Course Content

The Foundation Course covers:

  • The context of portfolio, programme and project (P3) management;
  • The core elements of the Praxis Framework - knowledge, method, competency, capability;
  • Integrative functions - planning, control, assurance, business case, information, organisation and stakeholders;
  • Delivery functions - scope, schedule, risk, finance, resources and change;
  • P3 management processes;
  • Interpersonal skills.

The Practitioner Seminar is a scenario based training course focusing on the application of the Praxis Framework under different environments and scenarios. Revision sessions of all elements of the Praxis Framework are included throughout the training.

The course includes hands on activities, discussions, role plays and quizzes in every session to ensure you have absorbed Praxis Framework concepts.

Delegates are also provided with detailed guidance on how to prepare for the certification exams, with lots of practice.

The course will have time for discussions and group exercises giving you the chance to discuss your own projects and programmes, and how you could apply Praxis in your organisation.

The course refers to content available at This content may also be accessed during the Practitioner exam. Delegates should register online, and should bring to the course their own devices to access this content.

Certification Exams

The Foundation Exam is a 1 hour closed book exam. There are 75 multiple choice questions. The candidate must correctly answer 38 (50%) or more of the questions to pass the exam. This is a closed book exam.

The Practitioner Exam is a 2½ hour, scenario based multiple choice exam. Delegates may access the website during the course using their own devices. The candidate must provide responses to questions presented in the following styles:

  • Classical multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Multiple response
  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Assertion/Reason

There are 80 question items worth 1 mark each, so the maximum score for the exam is 80 marks. The candidate must score 40 (50%) or more marks to pass the exam.

We conduct these exams on behalf of the relevant Examination Institute, subject to their terms and conditions.
Please note: Exam candidates must bring signed photo ID (passport, driving licence, etc.) as they will be asked to produce it by the invigilator prior to the exam.

Delivery Options and Fees

We offer a range of delivery styles and packages for this course. Please go to the Packages and Inclusions page to review the inclusions provided with each package.

Professional Development

Candidates who pass the Practitioner exam are entitled to style themselves as a "Registered PRAXIS Practitioner" on CVs and business cards.

Successful completion of this course may entitle you to credits in various professional development programmes:

Follow-on Courses

We recommend our Better Business Cases and Managing Benefits courses.

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