Service Promises

We have developed a number of service promises to make working with us even more attractive:

Please contact us to hear more about our service promises.

We lower the stress of exams!

We understand that a certification is a major investment of your time and your money, and that you have a reasonable expectation that you will be well prepared for the certification exams. We're highly confident that you'll pass the Foundation exam, so to take the risk out of your decision, we offer an Exam Promise on all of our accredited Foundation courses. For delegates who do not make it through an exam, we will allow them to redo the training at no additional cost!

Our exam pass rates are well above national averages thanks to the high standard of our trainers and the effort we put in to develop our courseware.

However, we recognise that most people haven't sat an exam in years and that anyone can have an off day, so it's nice to have a safety net.

If you don't pass your certification exam after taking any of our accredited courses, you can retake the training for free. Exam fees are charged at cost price and you must retake the training within 6 months of the original course.

It can be tempting to put off resitting exams, especially if you have to pay for more training. Our promise means that we cover the costs of any extra training you require giving you more incentive to give the exam a second shot.

Courses covered by our exam promise include PRINCE2, MSP, MoP, M_o_R, MoV, P3O, AgilePM, Managing Benefits and Better Business Cases Foundation training.

We protect your investment in training!

We know that organisations face a special risk: that they pay for staff to attend training, and some of these staff then leave the organisation. To take the risk out of the decision, we make a Skills Protection Promise: if this happens to one of our corporate clients, we will train their replacement staff for a significantly reduced price!

Our support doesn't end with the course!

We know that the accredited courses present delegates with a steep learning curve, and that while we're confident we'll get you through the exams, you may feel that you somehow 'missed' part of the course. So feel free to join another course, or part of a course, this time without the pressure of an exam!

We are also more than happy to support you in other ways after your course finishes. We will make available industry-strength templates which we use in our own projects. We are happy to discuss specific work-related project issues you might be having. And we can help connect people who might benefit from a professional relationship.

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