Portfolio, Programme and Project
Management Method Development


Raise your delivery performance in a consistent way

The Situation

Smaller organisations either have no standard approach to project management, or else have developed ad hoc methods that address specific concerns but which are not easily extensible or integrated into other aspects of the business.

Larger organisations may have well developed but diverse project management approaches in some parts of the organisation while other parts are poorly served.

And in many organisations, even if there is a standard process available and an expectation that it will be adhered to, many projects are run according to the preferences of the individuals concerned. This increases the risk of troubled projects, and reduces the opportunity to apply lessons learned from previous projects.

Our Approach

In a recent survey, organisations that had adopted a standard project management method were found to have realized a 63% improvement in delivering projects successfully. Our consultants have contributed to project management method improvements in Federal, State and Local Government; multinationals; industrial and engineering companies; universities; and not-for-profit organisations.

When implementing portfolio, programme or project (P3) management methods into an organisation, we factor in existing good practices that are widely accepted. Implementation is a collaborative process, with final management method ownership in the hands of a core group of client staff. Our management method implementation approaches are designed to foster acceptance and make the adoption of a standard method welcomed within your project culture.

P3 Management Method Development

We begin by reviewing the project management and related methods already in place. We then identify areas where these methods would benefit from enhancement and tighter integration with other management processes. We select and tailor the appropriate content to fit your desired organisational objectives and cultural norms. Working with your team, we make sure the resulting P3 management method has a look and feel that fits with your organisational 'brand'.

Management Method Deployment and Ongoing Support

If not supported, a new management method may not be consistently adopted and embedded in daily practice. To successfully launch a new management method in an organisation, we work in collaboration with our client's core team to develop an appropriate deployment plan that ranges from conducting pilots through to phased or full-scale rollout, depending on organisational size and complexity. The deployment plan includes the delivery of management method workshops led by our methodology consultants. Coaches are also available to work one-on-one with your staff on specific projects to ensure that the new management methods are properly put into practice.

To find out more about how we can help you develop robust portfolio, programme and project management policies, procedures, functions, structures and tools for your organisation, contact us today.

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