Business Case for Training

Making the case for training

Getting approval to attend a training event can be challenging. We want to make it easier for you to demonstrate ROI to your organization by investing time at Inspiring Projects. Below is a sample justification letter that you can customise to help build your case for attending. Just cut-and-paste the text into a document or email, then replace the items inside the parentheses.

Sample Request for Approval


I would like to attend a course on (PRINCE2 project management / Agile Project Management / MSP programme management / MoP portfolio management / Project and Programme Governance / M_o_R risk management / P3O support offices / Managing Benefits / Better Business Cases / Business Analysis).

I feel that the return on the investment would be a major benefit as this training aligns directly to the priorities of our (organisation / department) and my personal (performance plan / objectives) for this year. I am specially interested in the following parts of the course which are relevant to our situation:

  • (To be filled in by attendee);
  • (To be filled in by attendee);
  • (To be filled in by attendee).

I've done some research, and have found a good value (classroom course that starts on (DD MONTH 2013) in (MY CITY) / eLearning course that will minimise the impact of the training on business performance). I've attached the course brochure. The course will be provided by Inspiring Projects, which is a leading training organisation with lots of experience in all aspects of delivering change through projects. Inspiring Projects has been providing introductory, intermediate and advanced level training for professionals over the past 7 years and is known for providing first-class training and post-course support.

I believe my attendance will be a cost-effective investment for our organisation. In addition to the learning provided by the course itself, I will have the opportunity to network with people from other organisations to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned. After the course, I will be able to apply the knowledge I have gained, and share and apply the insights I picked up during the course.

I can arrange for others to cover my responsibilities during the days I am attending the course or taking exams. Additionally, if we decide to send a team to the course, we can save additional money by taking advantage of Inspiring Projects' group discounts.

I am seeking approval for the course registration fee. Inspiring Projects offers a package deal at ($9999). To receive the pre-course reading, I would need your approval at least 10 days before the course starts. Registration remains open until 5 days before the course starts.

Please approve this proposal to attend as I'm confident of the significant return we will receive for the investment.

Thank you for your consideration,


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