Overview of Governance of Change
(course code GOVO1)


To progress up the corporate ladder, people have to prove themselves as effective managers of operational processes. Increasingly, it is being recognised worldwide that competence in operational management is not a predictor of success in governance of change initiatives.

This briefing provides an overview of the governance of corporate project portfolios, programmes and projects.

Course Objectives

By the end of this briefing, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate corporate, operational and project governance;
  • Describe portfolio, programme and project governance, and their integration into corporate governance;
  • Define the structures, processes and roles that support governance of portfolios, programmes and individual projects;
  • Describe Governance of Project Management.

Who Should Attend

Members of Corporate Boards and Risk Management committees, Executives and Business Managers, members of Programme and Project Boards, Project and Programme Managers and others responsible for approving and governing organisational investments in projects, programmes and project portfolios.


There are no prerequisites for this short course.

Course Content

The briefing will cover the following topics at an Executive level:

  • Relationship of portfolio, programme and project governance to Corporate Governance and ICT Governance;
  • The similarities and critical differences between business-as-usual and change through portfolios, programmes and projects;
  • Principles of Governance of portfolios, programmes and projects;
  • Standards, and what they say about governance of change initiatives;
  • The role of the sponsor - directing, supporting;
  • Working with people - building the right team, communicating, dealing with resistance;
  • Identifying and establishing portfolios, programmes and projects, and interlocking governance functions;
  • What the portfolio, programme and project management methods have to offer;
  • Staying in control over the delivery journey: what should I be doing, what should others be doing?
  • Governance of cross-organisational change initiatives;
  • Governance of project management, which deals with internal business reviews of projects, programmes and portfolios, and corporate responsibilities towards the management of business change investments.

Certification Exams

There are no exams with this course.

Course Fees

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Professional Development

Successful completion of this course may entitle you to credits in various professional development programmes:

Follow-on Courses

We recommend that delegates who complete this briefing should proceed with our Governing projects and Governing programmes briefings.

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