PRINCE2 Agile ® Combined Foundation and Practitioner Course
(course code P2AC5)


PRINCE2 Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile approaches to product development with the project management rigour provided by the PRINCE2 project management method.

The Foundation course is designed to help project management professionals tailor project controls when working in an agile environment.

The Practitioner course checks that you will be able to apply concepts acquired in the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course in an agile environment.

Course Objectives

The Foundation course will help you to understand:

  • PRINCE2’s governance controls - principles, themes, process and documents;
  • a range of agile behaviours, concepts and techniques;
  • agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup;

and the interfaces between them.

The Practitioner course will help you to:

  • Understand the purpose and context of combining PRINCE2 and agile ways of working;
  • Be able to apply and evaluate PRINCE2 Agile’s focus areas to a project in an agile context;
  • Be able to fix and flex the six aspects of project performance in an agile context ;
  • Be able to apply or tailor PRINCE2’s principles, themes, processes and management products to a project in an agile context ;

The Combined course will provide you with careful and detailed preparation for the Foundation and Practitioner Exams.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for individuals who are new to PRINCE2 and are working in or around an agile project environment. This includes:

  • Agile professionals, project managers and aspiring project managers who want to be able to combine PRINCE2 and agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques in the most effective way;
  • Other key delivery team staff, including: product owners, Scrum Masters and solution developers;
  • Business professionals with an interest in iterative and incremental project delivery through collaborative working

as well as anyone wishing to round out their resume with a formal internationally recognised project management certification.


There are no prerequisites for the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course.

Those without any pre-existing knowledge of PRINCE2 are eligible to sit the Foundation certification examination as this will be covered during the course.

To take the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner examination, a candidate must hold PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification, or any PRINCE2 certification.

Alternatively, Practitioner exam candidates may have one of the following certificates:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) (PMI);
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM);
  • IPMA Levels A, B, C and D (Certified Projects Director)

Course Content

The Foundation course is delivered in three parts:

  • Part 1 - Introducing PRINCE2 and agile:
    • Introducing ‘agile’ concepts, behaviour, frameworks and techniques;
    • Introducing PRINCE2’s principles, themes, processes and management products;
    • Introducing common agile 'ways of working' - Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup.
  • Part 2 – Combining PRINCE2 and agile ways of working:
    • Agile behaviours and PRINCE2’s principles;
    • Agile and PRINCE2’s principles;
    • Agile and PRINCE2’s processes and management products.
  • Part 3 – PRINCE2 Agile’s focus areas.

The Practitioner course provides the delegate with a range of practical activities to exercise their understanding of PRINCE2 Agile guidance in the context of a scenario.

Certification Exams

The Foundation Exam is a 1 hour closed book exam. There are 50 classical multiple choice questions. To pass the exam, a candidate must correctly answer 28 (55%) or more of the questions.

The Practitioner Exam is a 2½ hour scenario based exam. The exam is open book, meaning that candidates may use the official PRINCE2 Agile guide during the exam. There are 50 objective multiple choice questions. To pass the exam, a candidate must correctly answer 30 (60%) or more of the questions.

The exams are conducted by the relevant Examination Institute, and are subject to their terms and conditions.

Delivery Options and Fees

We offer a range of delivery styles and packages for this course. Please go to the Packages and Inclusions page to review the inclusions provided with each package.

Professional Development

Candidates who pass the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam are entitled to style themselves as a "Registered PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner" on CVs and business cards.

Successful completion of this course may entitle you to credits in various professional development programmes:

Anyone interested in continuing professional development and ongoing access to PRINCE2-related resources may join the MyPRINCE2 scheme offered by AXELOS. For more information check here.

Follow-on Courses

We recommend that those who have completed the Combined PRINCE2 Agile course should move on to one of our PRINCE2 course as soon as possible, while their knowledge of PRINCE2 remains fresh.

The most economical way to take both Foundation and Practitioner courses is our PRINCE2 Agile Combined Foundation and Practitioner course.

We also recommend our Agile project management and MSP programme management courses.

PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® are registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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