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What is an investment proposal?

An investment proposal is a text document or presentation designed to generate interest and support for a new initiative, that will be delivered as a project or programme.

An investment proposal should clearly explain the value proposition to investors and pro-actively address any concerns they may have. It should document how the approaches to be taken and the solutions to be delivered were explored, demonstrate the return on the investment, and quantify the funding requirements.

At an organisational level, a systematic approach to investment proposal development allows the organisation to compare multiple investment proposals in a balanced manner, and select the optimal investment mix.

Many organisations refer to investment proposals as 'business cases'.

What is Better Business Cases?

Better Business Cases is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the investment proposal development process. It allows stepwise refinement of the investment proposal.

The Better Business Cases guidance is based on the Five Cases Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to planning investment proposals and enabling effective business decisions. This provides a step by step guide to developing the investment logic supporting the investment proposal, by:

  • Establishing a clear justification for intervention - a case for change - and setting clear objectives - what you want to achieve from the investment;
  • Considering a wide range of potential solutions - ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risk;
  • Ensuring that all parties involved in the initiative are committed to the initiative and understand their obligations;
  • Ensuring that the funding needs of the investment are understood and can be met;
  • Designing arrangements to successfully deliver the proposal.

Better Business Cases also provides an Options Framework, that can be used to generate and assess a wide range of options for projects and programmes.

Our courses are based on the 2016 edition of Better Business Cases and the associated International Guide to the Project Business Case. Better Business Cases now also provides guidance on developing programme Business Cases, which we have enhanced using our deep knowledge of programme management and the MSP programme management method.

We deliver all of our courses across Australia and Asia.
In New Zealand, we deliver these courses in partnership with Project Results.
In the United Kingdom and Europe, we deliver these courses in partnership with Value People.

The following diagram illustrates the Five Cases which are the five main sections of the business case:

Better Business Cases process

Better Business Cases Course Roadmap

Inspiring Projects is an Accredited Training Organisation – so you can be confident that the courses we deliver conform to the highest standards of Better Business Cases training. All of our Better Business Cases courses are based on the latest version of the syllabus.

The following diagram shows our Better Business Cases courses in relation to the goals supported by each course.

Better Business Cases Roadmap

A complete range of certification courses ...

... with a wide range of additional options

We have developed a wide range of associated short courses, workshops and executive briefings, including:

  • An executive briefing on the features and benefits of Better Business Cases, and adoption issues;
  • An awareness briefing for project management professionals who do not require certification;
  • A short course for portfolio programme and project office staff and CoE members;
  • A workshop on how to facilitate a workshop;
  • A workshop on the Five Cases Model and the Options Framework;
  • A workshop on integrating Better Business Cases into existing project and programme management methods.

These courses are delivered in-house for groups. Please contact us for more information.

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